Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Review: Davinci Paintbrushes

I can't remember the last time I shelled out hard earned cash for decent brushes. Normally, I'd buy the cheaper option and replace it a few times per year rather than fork out extra dollars for a 'quality' brush.

This time, I did a bit of research and asked some questions from my regular supplier and decided to invest some money into a set of Davinci maestro brushes. At $20+ per brush, I was certainly expecting the quality to be leaps and bounds ahead of the cheap nasty stuff I normally get. I even invested in some brush soap which is a product I've never used before in order to increase the life of my newly acquired brushes.

I wasn't even sure I wanted to post a review on these but the more I used them it gave me more insight into the quality of the brush (at least my batch) and I had to share. I purchased 3 brushes in the following sizes - 1, 0 and a 000.

Overall it hasn't been a positive experience. Within the first week of using the size 1 brush, the bristles were already beginning to split despite religiously using the brush soap after each painting session. Maybe I just got the bad batch perhaps? I was willing to let that one go. However much to my disappointment last night whilst using the size 000, I noticed the same thing happening. A rogue bristle was sticking out at an odd angle.

So the general rant of this post and recommendation is to stay away from Davinci brushes.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Legion Battle Report - Andor vs Vader

Welcome to another battle report between my eldest son and I. He was running and Imperial army and I was finally trying my hand at the Rebel forces led by Cassian Andor.

I was running the following list:

Cassian Andor (Hunter, Offensive Push, Recon Intel, A280-CFE Sniper Config)
Cassian Andor(Loadout) (Endurance, Overwatch, Environmental Gear, A280-CFE Pistol Config)
K-2SO (Jyns SE-14 Blaster)
Rebel Troopers
Rebel Troopers
Rebel Troopers
Rebel Troopers
Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) (DH-447 Sniper)
Rebel Commandos (Strike Team) (DH-447 Sniper)
Rebel Pathfinders (Pao, Duck and Cover, A-300 Long Range Config)
Tauntaun Riders (Endurance)
AT-RT (AT-RT Laser Cannon)
AT-RT (AT-RT Laser Cannon)

Crack Shot (1), Ambush (1), Push (2), Last Stand (2), Volunteer Mission (3), Covering Fire (3), Standing Orders (4)

Deployments: The Long March, Roll Out, Advanced Positions, Major Offensive
Objectives: Recover the Supplies, Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators, Intercept the Transmissions, Breakthrough
Conditions: Clear Conditions, Supply Drop, Fortified Positions, Minefield

I just wanted a list capable of dishing out the hurt at long range and then being able to clean up as the enemy got in closer. This was the starting point of that vision.

My son Landon, was running the following Empire list and it was the first time running Vader.

Darth Vader (Force Choke, Force Push, Force Reflexes)
Shoretroopers (T-21B Trooper, Shoretrooper)
Shoretroopers (T-21B Trooper, Shoretrooper)
DF-90 Mortar Trooper
DF-90 Mortar Trooper
Stormtroopers (DLT-19 Stormtrooper, FX-9 Medical Droid)
Stormtroopers (DLT-19 Stormtrooper, FX-9 Medical Droid)
Scout Troopers (Strike Team) (DLT-19x Sniper)
Scout Troopers (Sonic Charge Saboteur)

Implacable (1), Ambush (1), Fear and Dead Men (2), New Ways to Motivate Them (2), Coordinated Fire (3), Master of Evil (3), Standing Orders (4)

Deployments: Battle Lines, Advanced Positions, Danger Close, Major Offensive
Objectives: Intercept the Transmissions, Breakthrough, Sabotage the Moisture Vaporators, Key Positions
Conditions: Limited Visibility, Clear Conditions, Fortified Positions, Supply Drop

We played the following:

Battle Lines
Supply Drop
Intercept the Transmissions


During deployment I had a vision to have Andor get into a position to shoot length ways and cover at least 2 out of the 3 transmission objectives. I started putting troops on the Eastern flank which drew out opposing Stormtroopers. With the activation advantage stacked in my favour I then placed the remaining troopers and Tauntauns in a central position drawing out the Shoretroopers. From here I infiltrated Cassian Andor (giving command to Pathfinders) and positioned the remaining units to take out the Mortar and Scouts before sweeping towards the East.

Turn 1 - Push vs Coordinated fire 

Order tokens go on both AT-RT's vs All Shoretrooper units who coordinate onto the Mortar, and a single Stormtrooper unit. 

James - AT-RT activates and moves into range of the Mortar. Inflicts no damage however.

Landon - Shoretrooper activates and moves into range of the Rebel Troopers. Attacks killing two.

James - AT-RT activates doing exactly the same as the first. 

Landon - Western Mortar activates. Fails to rally and takes a dodge token.

James - Random draw Rebel Troopers. Moves into heavy cover and takes a dodge token.  

Landon - Random draw Stormtroopers. Move into heavy cover then DLT-19 takes a shot at the Rebel Troopers for no damage.

James - Random draw K2SO. Performs Calculate Odds then moves towards the Mortar. 

Landon - Random draw Mortar. Performs a move towards heavy cover then performs a standby action. 

James - Random draw Rebel Troopers. Double move away from the objective.

Landon - Random draw for the Scout troopers. Move and plants a Sonic charge next to objective. 

James - Random draw for the Rebel Commandos. Aims then attacks the Scout trooper strike team killing them both. 

Landon - Shoretroopers activate. Move then attack the Rebel Troopers killing the other two that were remaining. 

James - Random draw Pathfinders. Move towards the objective then shoot at the Scout troopers killing two.

Landon - Random draw Stormtroopers. Move into heavy cover then the DLT-19 shoots at the Rebel Troopers for no damage (heavy cover). 

James - Random draw Tauntauns. Double move towards the objective and then uses relentless shooting into the Shoretroopers for no damage.

Rebel Troopers move then shot at the Shoretroopers killing one. Cassian takes an aim then kills two of the Scout troopers. Rebel Commandos performs an aim then shot at the Scout troopers and leaving one left.

Turn 2 - Ambush (1) vs Ambush (1)

Order token onto Tauns for me (won roll for initiative) and Landon places a order token onto Vader. 

James - Tauns activate and move then Scout trooper detonates the sonic charge. This does a single wound to the Tauns and suicides the scout. Tauns then move again triggering relentless attacking the Mortar for no damage. 

Landon - Vader activates and moves taking force reflexes and a dodge action. 

James - AT-RT aims then shoots onto the Mortar for one wound.

Landon - Random draw Shoretroopers fails to rally moves towards objective pulls out targeting range finder then performs an attack on the Rebel Troopers kills three .

James - Random draw Rebel Troopers fails to rally moves towards the objective .

Landon - Random draw Shoretroopers they move towards the objective and then kills the last Rebel Trooper.

James - Random draw Pathfinders move to the objective and shoots at the Mortar for no damage .

Landon - Random draw Mortar aims and shoots the Rebel Troopers for no damage.

James - Random draw AT-RT aims shoots onto the Mortar for two damage killing him finally! 

Landon - Random draw Stormtroopers double move into range of the objective. 

James - Random draw Rebel Troopers hugs the wall and performs a dodge.


Landon - Random draw Stormtroopers move over the barricade and then performs a dodge action.

James - Random draw Rebel Commandos. Attack for suppression only onto the Shoretroopers.

Random draw K2SO moves into range with objective and then performs calculate odds onto Cassian.

Random draw Rebel Troopers double move back towards the table edge 

Cassian aims and shoots onto the Shoretroopers. Then uses the supply drop to get precision scopes.  

Rebel Commandos attack onto Shoretroopers for suppression only.

Landon - 2 VP 
James - 1 VP 

Turn 3 - Implacable (1) vs Volunteer Mission (3) 

Order token onto Darth Vader. I place tokens on Cassian and the two Rebel Commandos units. 

Landon - Random draw Mortar double move towards the objective. 

James - Rebel Commandos activate and shoot onto the Shoretroopers doing no damage or suppression. 

Landon - Random draw Stormtroopers move then shoot at the Rebel troopers killing three of them. 

James - Rebel commandos activate aim and then kill one of the Shoretroopers. 

Landon - Random draw Shoretroopers they fail to rally and then move out of line of sight of enemy.

James - Random draw Rebel troopers (RT2). They move to line of sight of the Shoretroopers (S3) dealing only a suppression damage.

Landon - Random draw Shoretroopers they double move away form line of sight and out of the trees. 

James - Random draw Tauns. Double moves towards the Shoretroopers and then triggers relentless shooting onto the Shoretroopers. Dealing two damage and a suppression.

Landon - Random draw Stormtroopers they move and shoots at the Rebel trooper and killing the remaining man. 

James - Random draw Pathfinders who double move to gain future line of sight onto Shoretroopers.

Landon - Darth Vader activates by moving out of line of sight of Cassian and uses force reflexes to gain a dodge.

Cassian Andor double moves to overview the Western objective.

K2SO double moves and uses free action to open supply crate which contains Bacta Capsules.

Last AT-RT moves to take position to open fire onto Shoretroopers leaving one remaining.

Turn 4 - Standing Orders (4) vs Covering Fire (3)

Landon puts order token on the Mortar and I put it on last Rebel Trooper unit. 

James - Rebel troopers activate. Aim then shot at the last guy in the Shoretrooper unit killing him. 

Landon - Mortar activates then takes a dodge and fails to hit.

James - Pathfinders activate then grab holo projector from the supply crate then attacks the Shoretroopers killing two. 

Landon - Random draw Stormtroopers. Double move into range with the central objective. 

James - Random draw Rebel commandos. Shoot at the Stormtroopers doing two wounds however the medical droid kicks in shortly after.

Landon - Random draw Shoretroopers aim and shoot at the Tauns dealing two damage. 

James - Random draw K2SO. Double moved into range of objective and uses Bacta Capsules to heal a wound off the Tauns. 

Landon - Random draw Darth Vader who double moved out of Line of Sight of Cassian Andor. 

James - Random draw Cassian Andor. Aimed and shot at the Stormtroopers and killing two. 

Landon - Random draw Stormtroopers. Double move towards the central objective. 

James - Random draw AT-RT moves into combat with the Shoretroopers and killing three of them. 

Random draw AT-RT shooting onto the Stormtroopers which killing two. Random draw Rebel commandos they double moved to get line of sight for last two turns.

Tauns activate and move into the trees attacking the last Stormtrooper killing him.
Landon - 3 VP 
James - 2 VP 

Turn 5 - Crack Shot (1) vs Fear and Dead Men (2)

Cassian Andor takes the faceup token and receives aim token. Darth Vader takes a faceup token. 

James - Random draw Tauntauns. Double move around the building and nail the last Mortar trooper.

Landon - Random draw Stormtroopers. Move forwards and take standby.

James - Random draw Commandos. Drop the last Shoretrooper.

Landon - Vader uses Force Reflexes and double moves towards AT-RT.

James - Random draw K2SO. Calculates Odds to Pathfinders and fires onto Stormtroopers exhausting the medical droid.

AT-RT takes an aim and puts another suppression into the Stormtroopers.

Pathfinders aim then shoots the Stormtroopers and kills one Stormtrooper. Commandos double moved through the trees.

Rebel troopers aim then shoot onto the Stormtroopers killing one of them. 

AT-RT reverses then shoots onto the Stormtroopers killing one. 

Cassian aims and shoots at Darth Vader dealing two wounds. 

Turn 6 - Last Stand (2) vs Master of Evil (3) 

James - Cassian aims and shoot onto Vader for a single wound. 

Landon - Vader uses force reflexes to gain a dodge and then moves and performs a standby action. 

James - Pathfinders aim and kill the final stormtroopers.

I can't quite kill Vader at this stage but shuffle the Tauns into range of the Western objective securing the victory.

Final victory points:

James - 7 VP
Landon - 3 VP

Thanks for reading again. This was my son's first game using Darth Vader and I don't think he was prepared for how super slow he was. I thought he was going to get dumped into the swarm of Shoretroopers but when he was placed on the flank with the Stormtroopers I was confident I'd be able to contain him and keep him out of the game. I'm sure this won't happen ever again with him though! 

I have a real hatred for Rebel Troopers. They simply just fill a corp tax in the Rebel army at the moment and although they do provide a target, they always drop when shot at. Unfortunately investing in weapons or upgrades just seems to play into my opponents hands even more in this regard.

Tauns were amazing, but of course they're supposed to be. On the AT-RT's I originally took them for the range 4 laser however, I think the rotary blaster is the way to go as they can easily move into range and sit at range 3 keeping the weapon threat range active.

Pathfinders didn't do anything amazing for me and I can't help but feel perhaps a unit of Commandos would be better suited. Besides the black dice to shoot with, they low profile rule looks to be a better option in my eyes.



Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Legion Battle Report - Palps vs Versio

Welcome to another battle report played on 30/06/2020 against my eldest son. I was happy to run my 7 activation Palpatine list from my last game to get another challenge and he certainly didn't let me down. He's always been using Iden Versio since I got her and I haven't even had a chance to use the model myself in a game!

My list:

Emperor Palpatine (Force Choke, Force Push, Anger, Commanding Presence)
Darth Vader (Operative) (Force Choke, Force Push, Endurance)
Stormtroopers (Impact Grenades)
Stormtroopers (Impact Grenades)
Stormtroopers (Impact Grenades)
Imperial Royal Guards (Electrostaff Guard, Tenacity, Environmental Gear)
Dewback Rider (Tenacity, T-21 Blaster Rifle)

The thoughts behind this list was originally intended just to run Palpatine as I have had no experience with him. I also hadn't seen much use of Operative Vader so was keen to get him onto the table and see what he could do. Backed up with 'Pulling the Strings' I was hopeful he would cause havoc as he did in the last game.

Stormtroopers were here just to fill out corp units and even though I could probably find something more efficient than a Dewback, I really do enjoy the model and the ball of muscle it brings to the table even though it probably is a little expensive points wise.

And Now You Will Die (1), Vader's Might (1), New Ways to Motivate Them (2), Give in to Your Anger (2), An Entire Legion (3), Master of Evil (3), Standing Orders (4)

Deployments: Battle Lines, Hemmed In, Danger Close, Advanced Positions
Objectives: Intercept the Transmissions, Hostage Exchange, Key Positions, Recover the Supplies
Conditions: Limited Visibility, Fortified Positions, Supply Drop, Minefield

Landon's List

Iden Versio (Offensive Push, Hunter, Targeting Scopes, Idens TL-50 Repeater)
Iden Versio(Loadout) (Idens DLT-20A Rifle, Idens ID10 Seeker Droid)
Boba Fett (Offensive Push, Hunter)
DF-90 Mortar Trooper
DF-90 Mortar Trooper
Shoretroopers (T-21B Trooper, Shoretrooper)
Shoretroopers (T-21B Trooper, Shoretrooper)
Scout Troopers (Strike Team) (DLT-19x Sniper)
Imperial Death Troopers (DLT-19D Trooper, E-11D Grenade Launcher Config)

My sons choice revolved around a high activation count as he previously enjoyed swarms in X-Wing. Multiple units of infantry backed up with some powerhouses such as Deathtroopers and Boba Fett. We both were equally surprised at what could be fit in to an 800 point list however the cost was he'd never be blue player. Having to play your opponents objectives all the time meant his list would have to be finely tuned to take on any situation.

Pulse Scan (1), Ambush (1), Concussive Blast (2), Incapacitate (2), Z-6 Jetpack Rocket (3), Tactical Strike (3), Standing Orders (4)

I was on 783 points so had initiative. We ended up with the following with me being focused on getting the 'Limited Visibility' condition card, to ensure his long range advantage wouldn't be able to be cut my forces down in the first two turns.

Deployment: Battle Lines

Condition: Limited Visibility

Objective: Intercept the Transmissions

My thoughts going into the game was to anchor one of the objectives with a single unit of Stormtroopers then attempt to swarm the centre one causing as much damage as possible. I was concerned with Boba however as he's so tough to take out.

My son's plan for deployment was similar to mine although without quite the level of understanding of the game objective he was under the impression the amount of units you had at the objective related to the amount of victory points you would gain at the end of rounds 2, 4 and end of game.


Turn 1 

Give into Your Anger (2) vs Ambush (1)

Face up order token issued to Boba Fett, far NW Mortar (GITYA), Palpatine and Royal Guard.

Landon: Mortar double moves towards Iden.

James: Random draw Stormtroopers, move towards Western objective.

Landon: Boba Fett double moves towards central objective.

James: Random draw Dewback spurs twice up the flank to engage mortar next round.

Landon: Random draw Stormtroopers on Eastern flank double move onto objective.

James: Random draw Stormtroopers on my East move towards central objective and snap off a round at Boba for suppression only being the first shot of the game.

Landon: Random draw for central Stormtroopers who double move towards Eastern objective.

James: Random draw Stormtroopers, double move towards central objective.

Landon: Random draw Shoretroopers close to Iden, who double move to Eastern objective.

James: Royal Guard double move towards centre objective to engage next turn.

Landon: Random draw for remaining Shoretroopers who move outside of tree line and shoot onto opposite Stormtroopers completely destroying them.

James: Random draw Operative Vader, double spurs and Force Throws killing Shoretrooper scattering unit into range 1 and force choking another.

Landon: Random draw Iden who double moves towards centre objective.

James: Palpatine moves forward and uses 'Pulling the Strings' on Vader who spurs into the Shoretroopers cutting them down.

Landon: Mortar double moves to central objective. Sniper team move and shoot onto Vader for nil hits. Death troopers double move onto central objective.

Turn 2 

Master of Evil (3) vs Concussive Blast (2)

Iden takes faceup token as does Vader, Palpatine and Royal Guard.

Landon: Random draw Sniper team. Take an aim action and drop 2 Stormtroopers.

James: Vader rallies one token. Dumps suppression on 6 units. Spurs once towards Iden. Force Chokes the DLT Deathtrooper before charging into combat and putting 5 wounds on Iden. Force Push Boba towards the Royal Guard.

Landon: Iden activates and uses Quick thinking. Attacks Vader back for 2 wounds (didn't spend dodge token).

James: Royal Guard activate and charge Boba doing a single wound.

Landon: Random draw for Stormtroopers who move and shoot onto Stormtroopers opposite centre objective for a single suppression.

James: Random draw Dewback who rallies. Spurs twice into combat with Mortar and does 2 wounds.

Landon: Random draw Shoretroopers who double move to central objective.

James: Random draw Stormtroopers on Western flank who move out of line of sight of enemy troops but remain within range 1 of objective to capture.

Landon: Random draw Boba kills Royal guard. 

James: Palpatine moves towards central objective and uses 'Pulling the Strings' on the Royal guards who do no damage to Boba (4 hits).

Landon: Random draw for central Mortar. Rallies 2 suppression out of 3 off. Takes an aim action and shoots onto Palps for 2 damage (Forgot about Guardian...). Stormtrooper dies from Guardian and Palp saves remaining.

James: Random draw Stormtroopers. Fail to rally. Moves towards central objective.

Landon: Random draw Deathtroopers. Fail to rally and shoot onto Palps for a suppression only. Mortar rolls 7 rally dice and drops 3 suppression tokens. Attacks Dewback for no damage. Last unit of Stormtroopers holds tight on objective.

I gain 1 victory token for controlling Western objective whilst my son scores 2 victory tokens for controlling the central and Eastern.

Turn 3

Vader's Might (1) vs Tactical Strike (3)

Vader and Royal Guard gain a faceup order token whilst Iden, Shoretroopers who coordinate onto Mortar. Deathtroopers and central unit of Stormtroopers.

James: Vader activates and kills Iden. Force chokes a Death trooper and uses Vader's might on the Death troopers, they get launched range one and that kills another. Vader uses force push to push the Shoretroopers away from central objective and moves into melee with the Stormtroopers. 

Landon: Shoretroopers activate moving and shooting onto the single Stormtrooper killing him. 

James: Random draw, got Palpatine fails to rally. Uses 'Pulling the Strings' on Vader and kills the unit of Stormtroopers. Palpatine the uses force lightning on the Sniper team and kills them. 

Landon: Deathtroopers activate and rallies and gets rid of two suppression then shoots at Vader no damage. 

James: Random activate Stormtroopers move to objective shoots on to the Shoretroopers only suppression. 

Landon: Mortar unit activates, aims and attacks Stormtroopers for 2 suppression damage only.

James: Dewback activates fail to rally attacks on to the Mortar no damage. Takes a dodge token.

Landon: Random draw Mortar unit engaged with Dewback. Withdraws away.

James: Royal Guards uses discipline get rid of suppression aim and attacks Boba gets two wounds off on Boba. 

Landon: Random draw of Stormtroopers who aim and shoot onto Vader. 3 hits and another 2 damage. Boba Fett activates aims then attacks the Royal Guard killing one of them. 

Turn 4

An Entire Legion (3) vs Standing Orders (4)

James: Palpatine activates using 'Pulling the Strings' on Vader. Moves and attacks Shoretroopers for 3 kills.

Landon: Shoretroopers activate, aim and do 3 damage on Vader who rolls blanks. Dead Vader.

James: Dewback activates moving into melee and killing Mortar. Spurs and moves into treeline.

Landon: Random draw Deathtroopers who put 2 wounds onto Palpatine.

James: Stormtroopers activate does not rally and just moves. 

Landon: Mortar activates aims and shoots onto the Stormtrooper no damage. 

James: Royal Guards activates then aims and attacks Boba no damage. 

Landon: Boba activates then aims and attacks onto the Royal Guards and does one wound. 

I manage to gain a single victory point this round for controlling the Western objective however my son nabs two victory points for controlling the others taking the total to 2 vs 4 in his favour.

Turn 5 

And now you will die (1) vs Standing orders (4)

James: Palpatine activates and suffers two wounds for aims and attacks and kills both the Shoretroopers and the Deathtroopers. 'Pulling the Strings' onto Dewback who spurs and charges into the Mortar who saves 3 damage!

Landon: Random draw for Stormtroopers who move and fire onto Palpatine (critical) who fails the save. Oh dear.

James: Royal Guard activate taking a dodge token and putting a single wound onto Boba (one remaining).

Landon: Random draw Mortar. Fails to rally. Disengages and moves away from Dewback.

James: Random draw Stormtrooper. Aims then shoots onto the Mortar no wounds and one suppression. 

Landon: Random draw Boba Fett who withdraws from combat.

James: Dewback aims, spurs into combat with the Stormtroopers and kills 2.

Turn 6

Standing Orders (4) vs Jetpack Rocket (4)

Landon: Boba Fett moves and uses Offensive Push for an aim token launching an assault into the Stormtroopers killing 3.

James: Random draw Stormtroopers fail to rally and move behind building still in range of objective.

Landon: Mortar moves into range 1 of objective and takes a dodge action.

James: Royal guard charge into Mortar failing to kill it.

Landon: Stormtroopers withdraw into range 1 of central objective.

James: Dewback fails to rally, moves and manages melee with the Stormtroopers only killing one trooper.

With the centre contested and the lone trooper holding the flank objective I score an additional 2 victory points taking each sides total to 4.

Result - Draw


Without a doubt this is the most nail biting games of Legion I've had so far. The 'swingy' dice rolls were certainly frustrating as my son always seemed to roll blocks when he needed them. I failed to remember Guardian a few times which could have possibly helped out and should have used my positioning more wisely in order to narrow firing alleys. Keeping units such as the Stormtroopers out of mortar line of sight towards the later rounds.

The longer the game on, the more it turned into a chess match and both my son and I really enjoyed it.

We enjoyed a de-brief after and spoke about some of the changes to each lists to improve it. I think with my play style I'd possibly drop Force Push on Palpatine and replace it with Force Reflexes allowing him to at least have another line of defence. Of course, it could be argued that I should just position him better but I find him tricky to use without having 'Relentless' to lean on to ensure he's able to attack each turn.

Having Aggressive Tactics would be very handy as the amount of surges that were rolled for the Royal Guard and Operative Vader who simply couldn't do anything with it.

If you've got this far I thank you for reading. If you have any suggestions or feedback of any sort I'd appreciate them. The aim is to simply produce the best text and image based battle reports for Star Wars Legion.