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Vengeance Rising - Battle 31 - Tomb Kings vs Bretonnia

Yesterday was another battle against my brothers Bretonnia list which he had changed a bit from last week. I was also running some changes:

High Liche Priest - Scroll, Nehekhara
19 Archers - Std, Mus
17 Archers - Mus
6 Chariots - Std, Mus
6 Necropolis Knights - FC
2 x 3 Stalkers
2 x Casket of Souls


Lord - 4+ ward, Sword of the Lady's Champion
Level 4 - Life
Level 2 - Beasts
Paladin on foot
10 KOTR - Warbanner
20 Bowmen
30 Grail Pilgrims
4 Pegasus Knights
2 Trebuchets

Spell Selection:

Arkhan - Purple Sun, Soulblight, Caress, Doom & Darkness, Spirit Leech
HLP - Desiccation, Vengeance, Smiting, Cursed Blades
Prop - Dwellers, Earth Blood, Throne, Regrowth
Level 2 - Wildform, Savage Beast


Tomb Kings Turn 1 (included Pegs Vanguard move)

I don't move much this turn barely moving the Knights up a bit to get some range on spells and moving the chariots up to make some threats.

In the magic phase I get 9 dice against 3 dispel dice. I open up with a 3d6 on the KOTR with incantation of vengeance stalling them for a turn at least and my brother lets this through. I then throw 3 dice at Doom & Darkness but my brother throws everything at this and manages to dispel this. I use the remaining dice to power up a casket which does 5 wounds onto the Peg Knights whilst the second casket fails to power up.

I drop 2 bowmen in the shooting phase from the chariots and that concludes my first turn.

Bretonnia Turn 1

The Peg Knights continue around the flank whilst the Grail Pilgrims advance. The Bret Lord trots with his lance whilst the second lance doesn't risk any lives by staying put (I was actually trying to convince my brother to move as he has regrowth so I wouldn't have been too concerned).

The magic phase was 5PD vs 4 DD. I let throne on 2D6 through and then dwellers is failed to cast on the chariots. I store 3 dice for Arkhan.

The Bowmen target the chariots yielding no damage and both Trebuchets scatter off the head of the Hierotitan.

Tomb Kings Turn 2

After a bit of consideration I declare a charge into the Grail Pilgrims who close the distance with ease.

None of the stalkers turn up this turn (Could have really used these!!).

The magic phase is a split of 12 vs 6 and I get to work with a 2D6 soulblight on the Grail Pilgrims which is promptly dispelled with 3D6. I then throw 3D6 on Vengeance again at the same target but my brother burns his scroll adamant to have his knights join the battle.

I then attempt a purple sun to stall the knights a little and my brother fails to dispel. Of course I roll a misfire (oh dear) and the sun scatters 3 inches away taking out 3 archers and I get one power dice back. Yay.

I finally throw 2 D6 at Doom & Darkness on the KOTR and Light of Death chews a few wounds on them whilst the second fails to cast.

The chariots dish out 7 wounds (1 on the Paladin) and take 5 in return.

Bretonnia Turn 2

The Pegasus Knights declare a charge against the casket however fail miserably only moving 4" ahead. The Bowmen charge into support the Pilgrims (I pointed this charge out to my brother and didn't really pay attention to it when I first declared my charge) and lastly the KOTR charge the Hierotitan.

In the magic phase the Purple Sun misfires (thank god!) My opponent gets off Wildform and I figure my Hierotitan is axed anyway so I let it through. He throws his remaining dice at Regrowth onto his KOTR regrowing 3 which I let through to ensure his lance is long enough so I can counter charge and secondly so I can have 3 dice for my magic phase. I naturally forgot to dispel throne.

One Trebuchet misfires and the other scatters from the Knights.

In combat the Chariots dish out 5 wounds and after a failed fear check from the bowmen the Brets can only manage 2 wounds between them causing me to lose a single wound to crumble.

As predicted the Lance steamrolls the Hierotitan and crashes into the archers.

Tomb Kings Turn 3

The Necropolis Knights charge into the flank of the KOTR.

Finally a unit of Stalkers arrive to support the army whilst the other busily keeps digging.

The magic phase sees an 11PD vs 6DD. I 2D6 Doom & Darkness on the Pegasus Knights. (a silly idea in hindsight, should have targeted the KOTR lance in combat!) Smiting goes through with 2d6 on the Knights and after two attempts with Light of Death and a single dispel the Pegasus Knights are wiped out. Lastly I attempt Cursed Blades on the Knights but this is dispelled.

The stalkers roll 8 hits and only manage to kill 2 knights. Not impressed at all.

The chariots manage to take down the Paladin and 4 others before taking 4 wounds themselves and leaving a single chariot left after some crumble damage. I should have deployed my HLP on that side for at least a chance of healing but live (or is that un-live?) and learn.

The KOTR have an absolute shocking set of rolls and only sees 3 Archers drop after some great regeneration rolls and the Knights respond by dropping 5 Knights. My brothers arsey dice rolls come to fruition however as the Knights hold. I reform my Knights to gain more attacks to the front and somewhat protect the nearby archers.

This was going to hurt.

Bretonnia Turn 3

The KOTR sound the charge and smash into the flank of the Necropolis Knights.

The magic phase was a 10 vs 5 so the scroll was going to have to come out. My opponent throws 4D6 at Regrowth which is use said scroll. Wrong Spell. He then throws 6D6 at Savage Beast to effect all characters and without miscasting gets nearly 30 for the casting value. I accept my fate and let it through using 2 dice to dispel Throne and then storing 3 dice for the next magic phase.

The Trebuchet lands on the Stalkers killing one and wounding another.

In combats across the board the chariot pops, I manage to kill the level 4 damsel and the knights left with the champion. In return I'm left with 3 archers and Arkhan and the Knights crumble away.

Tomb Kings Turn 4

Rather than throw the towel in I thought I'd try and just do as much damage as I possibly could and drag some points down with me.

Firstly the second unit of Stalkers fail to arrive. This was frustrating.

In the magic phase I cast Doom & Darkness on the KOTR hoping to get a panic test through with the stalkers firepower.

With a final act of desperation I cast Purple Sun easily meeting the casting value and my opponent is powerless to stop it. I roll the scatter dice and yep - misfire. I then roll the artillery dice again for scatter and it misfires again. The dice gods just didn't want me to have any satisfaction it appears. Light of Death is shut down.

The stalkers finally ready to prove themselves get 6 hits yielding no wounds at all. I keep reminding myself this game is fun and I enjoy playing it.

In combat Arkhan and his archers are slaughtered however there is no crumble to speak of.

Bretonnia Turn 4

The Lord and remaining champion charge the High Light Priest whilst the KOTR charge the archers.

The magic phase sees me dispel wildform.

The Trebs take out another stalker.

In combat the final magic caster for the undead is slain whilst a few archers remain after half their number falls.

Tomb Kings Turn 5

I just needed my Stalkers to arrive so I could at least inflict some damage. If I could get my final unit to emerge there was a chance I could at least take out his Trebuchets.

I promptly roll a 1. Some disappointing and quite colourful words follow my dice roll. Lucky the kids were inside.

With nothing left to do we roll up a magic phase and I use 6 dice to power up the casket targeting his lord which wounds him and drop the remaining champion. The second casket attempt is easily dispelled.

The archers are all destroyed in combat and the Knights reform to face the remaining stalker.

Bretonnia Turn 5

The KOTR charge the remaining stalker whilst the Lord takes his fury out on a nearby Casket.

The Trebs scatter from the remaining casket.

Combat is your guess.

Tomb Kings Turn 6

What can I do with these stalkers? Let's roll and see. I roll a 2.

I power the casket up for one final phase and the Lord passes his test with flying colours.

Bretonnia Turn 6

Just some re-shuffling and the Trebs can't do anything to the casket.

Result - Bretonnia Victory

Conclusion: Ouchies. From the top I was due for an arse kicking and I don't think the dice helped the cause at all. Whilst I couldn’t roll very good to save myself my brother was the opposite making the majority of his saves with his Knights and of course a few frustrating wards here and there just to rub salt into the wound.

Firstly it was very difficult to write a report on that.

I certainly didn't help myself with a few moments in the game but its slowly dawning on me that I don't think Arkhan fits my playing style and secondly I don't think I'm going to change my playing style. You have to be super aggressive when running Arkhan, there is no way around it. Go on the offence from turn 1 whereas I for whatever reason prefer the 'counter strike' army which just doesn’t work with Arkhan I don't feel.

The stalkers not arriving was just sheer frustration and its a hard reminder of the random elements of this game but also I should try and do my best to eliminate the 'random' factor of my army. I want definite elements to my army.

On the chariots they were going alright up until the Bowmen charged in. Its something I certainly didn't anticipate and admittedly I'm my own worst enemy as I explained to my brother it’s a good option for them as they wouldn't really be shooting at anything that turn and they'd be adding combat resolution which directly equates to crumble damage. Anyway I guess that's the way I'm going to help my brother become a better player at the expense of destroying myself. :)

I've really got no idea where to go from here in regards to list construction. I want to use those two awesomely painted Necrosphinx I've got sitting gathering dust though that's for sure but whether or not I can watch them get one shotted off the table with a Trebuchet remains to be seen.

As per usual though, those Ogres sitting in the glass cabinet continue to entice me with tales of glory.

Next game is this coming weekend right before a few hours of Borderlands 2. For my brother I actually told him he should drop the Pilgrims and get a third lance with a single Paladin in it. Perhaps even Questing Knights for something totally different and the models are great.

Anyway, I've got a bit of thinking to do and work out where my army is heading from here.

Thanks for reading and as usual I look forward to the bombardment of comments. :)

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